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Vienna Public Art


Where did you find ART today?

Did you discover one of our canvas kits around Vienna? We're so glad! This initiative is for artists of all ages. We hope you will create something and share on social media using #ViennaVAPublicArt. 

Making a
space you know

a place to go

Imagine unique art scattered throughout town just waiting to be discovered. What will you see when you turn a new corner, what will you bring your friends and family to see as you show them our town?


Public Art is art created for and accessible to the community, in public spaces both indoors and out. The back of a building, a patch of grass, a stretch of concrete … now filled with potential.


Public art transforms towns. It makes a space you've known all your life suddenly new—a destination, a place to go. 



The Vienna Public Art Foundation (VPAF) is a local non-profit arts organization dedicated to supporting and funding artistic projects in the Town of Vienna, Virginia.


The Town of Vienna, encourages public art as a means of distinguishing the community, creating a unique sense of place, and bringing beauty, creativity, and culture to everyday life.

Public art in Vienna is created and supported through private efforts, community organizations, and the Town of Vienna’s Vienna Public Art Commission (VPAC), which advises and assists Town Council on matters related to the advancement of public art. VPAF supports VPAC and its vision.

Our Board of Directors

  • Deborah Kennedy, President and Chair

  • Mike Cheselka, Ex-Officio VPAF Board Member and Chair of the Vienna Public Art Commission

  • Kathy Georgen, Treasurer

  • Caren Ann Appel-Slingbaum, Board Member

  • Lisa Boms, Board Member

  • Nesli Esen, Board Member

  • Cathy Hardman, Board Member

The Taking Flight bronze statue of a boy reading on a stack of books and a girl about to take flight from the pages of another book. Behind the statue you can see the Vienna Community Center and fall mum flowers decorating the entryway.

Our Public Art

It’s everywhere. It’s up to you to see it.

Our lives are made of a million moments … the things we see, places we go, people we meet. It’s art to take notice, of the strange or unexpected, but more importantly of what you cherish but didn’t realize until just this moment. Art is all around us, waiting. Acknowledge one thing a day, your perspective will change, you’ll be an artist of life, for life.

Explore some of the public art from around our town.

Pink Gradient

New Projects Ahead

We're all about art with a purpose. Does it bring our community together? Does it enrich our surroundings? Does it encourage collaboration between artists and Town citizens?

Share your ideas, and we'll share ours.


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3D Splash

Support Public Art

Consider donating to the Vienna Public Art Foundation. Donations ensure we can continue to beautify our town and bring people together around art.


Vienna Public Art Foundation is an independent, local, non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization. No goods or services were exchanged for this donation, and your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

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